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Beautiful, useful, and funny designer screen savers.


BAM the App

The first of its kind BAM iPhone app lets you create text messages in the form of unique, expressive GIFs for use in conversations or posting online.

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Him the site

The first ever talking website. Inspired by Spike Jonze's movie Her.

» him is officially recognized as a Google Chrome Experiment

Camcorder Font Family

A typeface inspired by old consumer electronics. Originally created in 2008, but I've added lots of new glyphs to it over the years.

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Gucci - The Fringe
Marble Hornets DVD packaging
Apoptygma Berzerk record cover

Jordan Heads Brooklyn

Art Direction and graphic design for Jordan Heads Brooklyn, an all Air Jordan consignment sneaker boutique.



The viral sensation, created in 2010. Millions of messages served. Perhaps the most useful single-serving website ever created.


The message creation interface
BAM style: BASIC
BAM style: JPRDY
BAM style: HEART
BAM style: POSTR


Logo design for Jackbar in Williamsburg.

» Jackbar on facebook
» Jackbar in The New York Times

Super Gravity

Logo an CD packaging for progressive rock band Super Gravity.

» Listen to Super Gravity on facebook

Reciprocal Skateboards

Skateboard designs inspired by pinball machines. Produced in editions of 101. Sold out.

» Reciprocal Skateboards on facebook

Pinferno VII

Visual identity for the seventh installment of highly regarded pinball tournament Pinferno.


Designing stickers is like designing logos, but with less limitations.

Motherfucker I'M ILL

A Virtual Kreayshawn

A fun interactive video experience for the whole family.

» Go to project [requires Flash]

Original Fake Color By Numbers

Virtual versions of color-by-numbers themed stickers from Kaws' now defunct clothing label Original Fake.

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Remember Marlo Stanfield

An interactive-video-comic-strip tribute to the baddest villain who's ever appeared on television.

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John Brown Sounboard

Remember John Brown from The (White) Rapper Show on VH1?

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